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Hi, I’m Mostafa. And I design things. Things like brands, websites, and animations. empowering brands to transcend boundaries and captivate their audience.

Our Creative Services

Identity Branding

From logos to design elements, we sculpt captivating visual identities that resonate and make your brand unforgettable.


Web Design

Our web designs blend aesthetics and functionality, creating immersive online spaces that resonate with your audience.


Motion graphic

Our magic weaves motion and visuals, transforming concepts into captivating stories that engage and inspire.



Idantity Branding



Uniflix is the first platform that employs artificial intelligence to serve students and help them to make this academic journey truly more flexible, easy and fun; in a 
comfortable way that fits the conditions and times of university students.

Idantity Branding



Misahat is a visionary content creation and branding company that stands at the forefront of creative storytelling. With an exceptional team of videographers, podcast producers, and documentary experts, Misahat crafts captivating narratives that not only engage but also leave a lasting impact. Beyond content creation, Misahat offers strategic branding services, working closely with clients to define their brand identity and create a visual presence that is both distinctive and memorable.

Editorial Design

ACM Magazine

The 10th issue of ACM magazine is dedicated to cover the contribution of technology in the astronomy and space field.
we mainly focused on highlighting the IT professionals role with astronomers, physicists and engineers.

I have always admired the images of Astronauts, the Universe, the Planets, the Galaxies, and things that beyond our knowledge. Therefore, in this project, coming up with an idea to add the retro, futuristic vibe to the project and bringing the mysterious Universe closer to the readers.


Rabab Alhunaidi

Influencer and content creator

العمل مع مصطفى جداً مريح، مصمم مبدع ومحب لعمله، لايستصعب الامور لكن دائماً يبحث عن حلول لتطبيق المطلوب منه. كريم في نصائحة، وملتزم بأوقات العمل. مصطفى صمم ليي لوقو البزنس الخاص فيني مع موقعي الشخصي، شغل مميز وحظى بإعجاب كثير من الناس. انصح بالعمل والتعاون معه.


Boruoj Founder

سعيدة بتجربة العمل معك، احترافية وثقة وإتقان وذوق جميل ماشاء الله، متعاون ومتجاوب بخصوص الأسئلة والتواصل مستمر، ويسعدني أوصي بالتعامل معك لأي صديق أو شخص يبحث عن مصمم لموقعه



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